Hate Needles? Love emla®

Numb the Skin
Before the Pain

Did you know that 1 in 5 adults are afraid of needles?1 Even though the fear is real, the pain doesn’t have to be.

emla® is a numbing cream for the skin that you can buy without a prescription at your local pharmacy. Use it before getting a needle injection or having blood drawn, for minor dermatology procedures, or for vaccinations*.

Why endure pain when you can emla® it?

emla® Comes in Two Forms

Choose which form of emla® works best for you and your family.

emla® Patch

The emla® Patch makes it easy to apply emla® before vaccinations, needles, or having blood drawn.

The numbing effect of the emla®  patch starts working about 1 hour after it’s applied.

emla® Cream

emla® Cream is a more versatile option that allows for application over larger surface areas. Perfect for minor dermatology procedures, or before getting a needle injection.

The numbing effect of emla® cream starts working about 1 hour after it’s applied.


* Consult the Patient Medication Information leaflet for approved vaccine-use with emla® .

  1. Taddio A et al. Survey of the prevalence of immunization non-compliance due to needle fears in children and adults.Vaccine 2012;30(32):4807-12.